An important part of keeping your teeth and mouth healthy is keeping them both clean. However, even if you are the world’s best brusher, you may not be able to remove all of the plaque, tartar and other substances that can affect your oral health. And, there are some dental issues that you simply won’t be able to detect in the mirror each morning. Our dentist, Dr. Scott Wardwell and the team at Scott A. Wardwell, DDS can use a dental cleaning and exam in Honolulu , Hawaii to thoroughly clean your teeth and to look for and address any issues that may need attention. If it is time for your cleaning and exam, we would love to see you! Give us a call today at 808-946-0713 and we will help you plan your visit.

Dental cleanings and exams are two essential preventive treatments that we provide. When you come to our dental office for a routine checkup, we will provide you with a professional teeth cleaning and dental exam to help maintain your healthy smile. During your appointment, we will:

  • Remove plaque and tartar from your teeth
  • Floss and polish your teeth
  • Examine your teeth and gums for signs of dental issues and diseases

We use digital X-rays to dramatically reduce your radiation exposure, more closely evaluate your smile and make sure that you receive the dental care that you need. Coming to our office for regular cleanings and exams is essential in maintaining ideal oral health, preventing tooth decay and periodontal disease, and making sure that any dental problems are addressed as soon as possible.

We suggest that you visit our office at least every six months for a dental cleaning and exam. If necessary, we may suggest more frequent visits. We also encourage you to contact our office immediately if you experience a dental emergency or dental discomfort. To set up your next appointment, please contact us today. We are excited to care for your smile!